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Top 5 Topics

The parent council surveyed parents at the Spring Fayre in May 2009 to see what the Top 5 Topics were that we should be focusing on. The results of the survey are set out below:


Project Pipeline...

The parent council aims to complete a number of projects in key areas that have been raised by parents, guardians or pupils. The current project pipeline is:

Playground Facilities - aims to provide more stimulatingl facilties the playground to promote heath and learning during play.

Playground Security - seeks a number of improvements to the security of the playground to ensure that children are in a safe environment.


Project Milestones


Playground Security Review Completed - gates repaired, signs installed and barrier to be erected.

Playground Improvements - £10,000 of funding awarded by National Lottery.

Planned Activites

Playground Improvments - phase 1 of changes to playground implemented in October.

Curriculum For Excellence - stall at school open night to get your input.

Timings of School Day - formal consultation to be conducted by Falkirk Council.

Shelter In Playground - will be taken forward as part of Playground Improvements project.

Parking / Road Safety - reminder of parents obligations issued in Newsletter.

Playground Security - follow up review of security post modifications by Falkirk Council.

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