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Project Pipeline...

The parent council aims to complete a number of projects in key areas that have been raised by parents, guardians or pupils. The current project pipeline is:

Playground Facilities - aims to provide more stimulatingl facilties the playground to promote heath and learning during play.

Playground Security - seeks a number of improvements to the security of the playground to ensure that children are in a safe environment.

More details of these projects are provided below.


Playground Facilities

Please visit the Playground Improvements Micro Site for more information about what the Parent Council have been doing to drive forward with improvments to the playground.

Pupils have been enthusiastic and actively engaged in making plans to improve facilities in the playground.
Picture shows Mr Watkinson and Pupil Council judging entries to playground design competition in June 2008.


Playground Security

June 2008

A Playground Security Review report was compiled by the Parent Council that captured a number of issues that were adversely impacting the security of the playground.

This was issued to the Falkirk Council requesting urgent action. Key recommendations in the report were:

Official signage should be placed on ALL school gates: “Enter Only On School Business, Please Keep Gates Shut, CCTV Cameras In Operation”;

Specific signs should be added to Gate 2 prohibiting any vehicles from entering the school grounds at periods during the day when children are in the playground – ie start of day, morning break, lunch, afternoon break and end of day;

Maintenance and modifications are required to enable gates to be securely latched shut and easily operated from both sides;

A safety barrier outside Gate 3 to prevent pupils from being able to run directly out of the school onto the Cow Wynd.

This report was issued to Falkirk Council in June 2008.

Playground security has been a primary focus during 2007/2008.

Update September 2008

We are please to report that Falkirk Council reacted quickly to the report and a number of improvements were made to the playground during the summer break. This included:

CCTV and Signage - new signserected prior to the start of the new term with the wording that had been requested

Vehicle Access - additional signage will be added as requested and further discussions will be ongoing with school staff about potential of locking the gate and that access is requested through janitor/office

Gates - alterations to each of the gates

Barrier - a barrier will also be erected outside gate 3 as requested, but this has yet to be completed.

Furthermore, an issue arose during the school holidays where the car dealership adjacent to the school had been using the school playground for storing cars. They have been contacted and asked to remove the cars and refrain from using the school premises in the future.

New signs have been placed on all gates in an attempt to prevent members of the public using the playground as a short cut.

Modifications have been made to gates to ensure that they can be shut to secure the playground.


Project Milestones


Playground Security Review Completed - gates repaired, signs installed and to be barrier erected.

Playground Improvements - competition with over 100 entries, 3 winners selected by Pupil Council.

Planned Activites

Applications for playground improvment funding.

Review of security post modifications by Falkirk Council.

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